5 Business Success Stories In Los Angeles

Knowing the stories of the most iconic companies in the world will help you enrich your business ideas, or guide your projects to immediate success.

In addition, most of these stories end by clicking on your business or entrepreneurship story, as they usually share a couple of basic principles, which will motivate you to start your own business.

All these companies, at some point, have affected major Los Angeles Marketing trends, whether or not they are or aren’t from Los Angeles itself.


The founding of Starbucks in 1971 required an investment of $ 1,350 by three teachers.

And while Howard Schultz was not its founder, this is the type of successful entrepreneur who took the risk of buying the company and turning it into a coffee and customer service giant.

The appearance of Howard Schultz occurred in 1980 after a trip he had to Italy and saw how coffee was sold there and the relationship between the barista and the client.

Upon returning to the United States, the purchase of Starbucks was a complex process because the founders did not agree with Schultz’s strategies.

However, thanks to his hard work and perseverance, in 1992, he managed to launch the most successful public offering of the year. So much so that if you had invested $ 1,000 in your stock, in 2018, you would have more than $ 220,000, which shows the growth that the company has had.

Today Starbucks has more than 23 thousand points of sale around the world.

Coca Cola

Making 94% of the world aware of your brand seems like an impossible mission, but this is exactly what Coca-Cola accomplished.

Its beginnings date back to 1886 when pharmacist John S. Pemberton set out to create a syrup capable of alleviating digestive problems, but in reality, he ended up creating the most famous soda on the planet.

The Coca Cola Company was founded in 1891, and in just a few years, its creators went from selling nine glasses of soft drinks a day to having a presence in more than 200 countries.


Undoubtedly, Amazon has one of the most interesting company stories you can imagine.

In its beginnings, there was a maximum of 5 workers, and it was his wife who carried out the accounting and administrative part. It was called “Cadabra” and it was the prelude to the global e-commerce giant that we currently know as Amazon.

Although Amazon, previously called Cadabra, had losses for eight years, Bezos managed to create one of the largest consumer stores, after demonstrating that this type of buying and selling systems was really lucrative and profitable.


Walt Disney and his older brother Roy Disney created the first films for Disney in the garage of his uncle’s house in the city of Los Angeles. In 1923 both brothers and partners created The Disney Bros. Cartoon Studio.

Today Disney is one of the most profitable entertainment companies and most successful franchises on the planet. However, there was a time when this garage was abandoned and in poor condition.

Thanks to a group of people who decided to preserve and restore it today, you can visit this garage located in Hollywood, a place where a change in humanity was born.


Nike Inc’s history dates back to 1964 when it was founded under the name Blue Ribbons Sports. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman were the masterminds behind this company that quickly managed to become one of the most successful on the entire planet.

And although the history of companies like Nike is not as “bumpy” or dramatic as that of Facebook, or KFC, it is still worth being known and valued by today’s society.

To learn more about Nike’s history, you can read Never Stop, where Phil Knight tells how the process was to create his company from scratch:

Also, if you dream of starting your own business, then it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the beginnings and trajectory of this type of sportswear design and marketing business.

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