How To Choose And Set And Remove A New Drive For Your PS4 Hard Disk

When the PlayStation 4 released in 2013, it featured a 500GB hard disk. While there was a time when 500GB looked like more than we might ever use, the size of video games has actually swollen tremendously for many years.

Consequently, Sony updated disk drives offering users the choice for a 1TB drive. A substantial library of more recent triple-A video games suggests this may not be adequate for some users (myself consisted of).

Choosing a New Drive

You will definitely want to make sure you’re purchasing a suitable replacement HDD. The majority of “laptop” 2.5-inch drives will work, and unsurprisingly Sony advises using a “formally supported replacement hard disk.” This caution is more to suppress assistance calls than anything else as we have actually used drives that are not backed by Sony without any issues.

Aside from the apparent size restrictions of the stock PlayStation 4 hard disk drive, both the 1TB and the 500GB drives are rather sluggish. You may want to think about that when choosing a brand-new HDD. You can opt for a drive that spins much faster. However, the HGST’s miserable 8MB cache is what actually obstructs the stock drive’s speed.

Most significantly, you want to have a drive that is at least two times as huge as the old one, otherwise what is the point? We recommend getting as much storage as your spending plan permits due to the fact that even a 1TB drive can be completed before you understand it.

Setting up and Bring Back the Drive

Putting in the brand-new HDD is simply a matter of reversing the elimination procedure: Position the drive in the tray. Before you can bring back the information from your backup, the brand-new drive needs to be formatted and established with the system software application. To do this, reconnect whatever to the PS4 and struck the power button.

The PlayStation will acknowledge the brand-new drive and boot into Safe Mode instantly. On the Safe Mode menu, choose choice 7, “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software Application).”

As soon as the PS4 operating system setup is total, the console will reboot. From there, go to Settings > System > Back-Up and Bring back. Reconnect the external drive that your backup is conserved to if you have not currently.

Removing the Disk Drive

With the backup securely saved on your external drive and the PS4 shut off (not in sleep mode), you can securely remove it and set it aside. Now it’s time to secure the old drive.

With the front of the console, you will see a shiny panel on the. Remove this panel by pushing down strongly at the front and back, then moving it to them. You ought to see a big Phillips screw holding the drive case in location. Pull out the drive tray with the little manage at the front.

If you want to update your Pro’s HDD, the drive is situated in the back of the console under a little plastic cover on the bottom. With the drive tray exposed, the process of removing is the very same as it is for the PS4.

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