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At Schindler + Parent, we always try to inform people how a brand can really change their lifestyles. Here are some insights of the brand creation process and the differences between advertising agencies and brand consultant.

Brand Creation Process

In this way, it can be evidenced how often branding advertising is separated. However, although they have different functions and are managed in different fields, these two specialties work hand in hand. Basically, it is a cycle because the brand represents the beginning and the basis to then give way to advertising.

The similarities between agency and consultant often confuse many companies, therefore, it is important to define which agency to turn to if one of advertising or a brand consultant. The answer to this question depends on the current position of your business and its purposes. There are cases where companies confuse the need for a brand with solutions that improve their advertising status.

The brand is considered strategic, while advertising is considered a tactic. Advertising aims to create campaigns that take advantage of a surprise factor with the message “buy me or acquire me because I am the best option.” Instead, the brand seeks to convince people to get emotionally involved in their company because they are loyal and differentiate their business within the market.

For this reason, marketing agencies and branding experts refer to the brand as a marketing function. Relating these terms causes many people to include them in marketing, others consider the brand as marketing and there are those who take the brand as advertising.

Differences Between Advertising Agencies And Brand Consultant

The advertising agency creates content that sells products, services or directly the idea of ​​the consumer

The brand consultant addresses your needs from a more holistic point of view

The advertising agency is focused on taking advantage of creative work, persuasive copying and media purchases to convey a message

The brand consultant implements a strategic plan to impact all facets of the business both internally and externally

In the advertising agency, if the campaign falls short for success and glory, the company must assume the loss. The process tries to play the whole for the whole, since the company must decide whether to turn to the same agency for new ideas. However, if your services did not convince you, you can go to another agency to transmit your commercial message.

Change does not mean rejecting or belittling the work for which it was unsuccessful, but looking for options that do adapt to the demands of the business. Basically, agencies work to get the attention of their potential clients through any means of communication (traditional or digital). The work and experience of the agency’s professionals are necessary, but they represent different functions from those of the brand consultants.

While the brand consultant focuses its purposes on working with company executives because it has an impact on business culture. The correct construction of a brand addresses the messages of its advertising by itself. For this reason, the impact on the business is significant, as it will be able to hire and retain its employees and will maintain the production of new products.

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