Workspaces and Digital Business Addresses by Satellite Office

The digital workplace is the virtual, modern version of the traditional workplace. It quickly and securely provides personalized, role-based services, and all the applications, data, and tools for digital collaboration that employees need on any device, anytime, anywhere. In a digital workplace, digital technologies and modern communication solutions are used to adjust to the way employees work and thus to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. The applications and information are provided automatically with integrated self-service, which leads to real cost savings. Because access to all applications and content is encrypted, contextual, and policy-driven at all times,

Thanks to intelligent work areas, the digital workplace creates a completely new view of the workplace. It is the key to a committed workforce. It is a highly personalized environment in which employees can perform their tasks easily and effectively regardless of their location. In this environment, employees are not restricted by technology, but have even more options – they can use their full potential and collaborate more easily than ever.

If companies rely on the digital workplace from the cloud, they enjoy great advantages: their network becomes more agile and flexible. Cloud-based solutions enable strong application performance and mobility that meet today’s user expectations. A company can significantly reduce operating costs by making optimal use of shared work areas.

Many experts believe that nowadays, executives not only look at traditional key performance indicators, such as sales and costs but also deal with employee productivity, response time, the share of sales in digital channels, the rate of new customers or user engagement should. For this reason, cost savings are compared with another important corporate goal of digitization and automation: promoting the innovative strength of employees in order to increase productivity and maintain competitiveness.

Five important requirements for the digital workplace

  1. Employee experience is a top priority
  2. Deploy applications anytime, anywhere
  3. Modern device management
  4. Management of security and user experience
  5. Automation of any size for sure success

Security beyond your network

During a crisis, many employees have to work from home for the first time. For this, they need their private devices to access applications and data. This, in turn, requires careful consideration of the security risk. Satellite Office can help you

  • Safely extend applications and data to BYOD,
  • enforce necessary policies for conditional access,
  • Ensure compliance.

Satellite Office is the pioneer of digitization in the German telecommunications market. We are more familiar than any other cloud service provider with how the benefits of a digital workplace are achieved. Our dynamic and cooperative approach focuses on employees and determining the right combination of technology and individual needs. This is how the best possible business results are achieved with regard to the success of the company. We also offer many choices and flexibility in how you work together.

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